Packaging Instruction

To find a packaging instruction please check in PackIT (see applications in the top menu) for the part packaging instruction. See detailed instruction in the PackIT section.

If you have not received packing instructions for a part, you should pack the part in a suitable way until you receive instructions from Scania.

Change of packaging

Scania reserves the right to freely change packaging materials within Scania’s structure of return packaging materials. Such changes will have no effect on the agreed part prices.

It is very important that parts are packed in accordance with our instructions!

Packaging Instruction

There can be multiple packaging instructions for one part. This is due to differences in volumes or distances for the different plants. As an example, Scania Latin America often requires more corrosion protection when shipping from Europe. Another example would be Scania Spare Parts that requires branded Scania packaging for the spare parts that Scania sells.


The stores address at SCANIA is stated in the call-offs from Scania. It is very important that this address is stated on the Goods Label.

Further information

Labels can be found in the menu to the left.

Technical questions concerning packing materials should be sent to the SCANIA unit you are sending the part to or the issuer of the instruction in PackIT.

  • Correct pallet unit and correct number of parts.
  • Only one part number per pallet unit (not applicable to boxes).
  • All pallet units must be strapped.
  • Spacers must be used if they are required.
  • All parts must be protected against rust and transport damage.
  • Staples are only allowed to be used on outer wooden packaging.