Environmental Directives Packaging Materials

The directives apply for all deliveries of production parts to all of Scania’s production plants. The objective is to reduce the amount of waste and to minimize the packaging materials negative effect on the environment.


  • When packing purchased materials, only the following packaging materials can be used:
    • returnable packaging materials1
    • recyclable one-way packaging materials2
  • Minimise the packaging material need by:
    • to as large extent as possible, without risking the quality of the part, minimise use of additional packaging material such as plastic bags, foams or similar
    • avoid use of one-way plastics as far as possible, especially different types of foams since they are difficult to recycle
    • using recycled packaging material
    • using packaging materials that can easily be recycled at the end of life, avoid mixing different materials
  • All plastic used should:
    • be produced from recycled or bio based (non bio degradable) plastics to as large extent as possible
    • preferably be produced in PE
    • be clearly and visibly marked to facilitate sorting (follow ISO 11469 or equivalent standard)
  • All wood/plywood/cardboard/paper shall come from FSC or PEFC certified sources
  • Bleaching shall not be used for cardboard and paper products

1Returnable packing materials: Primarily refers to Scania’s returnable packing materials, designed to be used in several loops. It can also mean returnable packing materials from our suppliers.

2One-way packing materials: Refers to packing materials designed to be used one time and then be disposed. These can be made of wood, corrugated cardboard, plastic etc.

REPA fees

Applies only to Swedish suppliers!

REPA Fees (Reparegistret AB)

In accordance with the Swedish Government regulations concerning producer responsibility for packing materials (SFS 1994:1235), companies that sell packaged goods are obligated to ensure:

  • that there is a functioning collection system for these
  • that the consumers are informed about the system
  • that the packing materials are removed and recycled in accordance with certain detailed instructions
  • that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is informed about the collection and recycling.

With regard to the closed system in use for deliveries from Scania’s suppliers to Scania, Scania has decided to organise the recycling of all packing materials that end up at Scania as the end user.

This applies to Scania return packing materials as well as disposable packing materials in the form of plastic bags, cartons, plastic film, corrugated cardboard, etc.

Scania will report on the packing material quantities and the recycling directly to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The material company belonging to Trade & Industry and REPA will thus not be involved in this handling at all. This setup has been submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and it had no objections.

If this system is to function properly, it is essential that suppliers follow the packing instructions given and the instructions given in the Scania Packing Manual. When making deliveries to Scania, it is not necessary to pay the fees to REPA for the packing materials used nor to debit Scania for such fees.