Supplier Sourced Packaging

One way packing materials e.g. plastic straps, corrugated cardboard, plastic bags, rust inhibitor paper, etc., must be procured and paid for by the supplier.

Type Description
50 Cardboard box chosen by the supplier in consultation with Scania
60 Bunch, bundle or roll
65 Special packing combined with packing instruction
81 Plastic bag
K1 Corrugated cardboard box with 1 litres net volume
K2 Corrugated cardboard box with 2 litres net volume
K4 Corrugated cardboard box with 4 litres net volume
P1 Plastic bag with 1 litres net volume
P2 Plastic bag with 2 litres net volume
P4 Plastic bag with 4 litres net volume

Plastic bag

There are currently four ways of specifying a plastic bag with different meanings:

Type 81
This denotes a plastic bag chosen by the supplier that suits the number of articles to be put into a bag. If the number of plastic bags is specified as one (1), this denotes one plastic bag that fits into the given pallet unit.

Type P1, P2 and P4
This denotes a plastic bag with 1, 2 or 4 litres volume. The plastic material must be polythene. The thickness should be chosen so the bag is expected to cope with normal transport and material handling, but at least 0,1 mm. All bags must be properly sealed.

Corrugated cardboard box

Certain articles must be packed in boxes of corrugated cardboard according to Scania’s regulations. There are three sizes with designations K1, K2, and K4.

Type K1 Type K2 Type K4

Technical requirements
The type of corrugated cardboard must be at least 120 C in accordance with Swedish Standard SS 84 30 01.

The design of the manually assembled box is based on the FEFCO/ASSCO code 0410/0470. The design of the machine assembled box is based on the FEFCO/ASSCO code 0420/0713.

Scania also has some special requirements which are specified below:

  • To open the lid, there must be a perforation 144 x 86 mm on one of the sides, on types K1 and K2. The perforation must continue along the edges of the lid so that the entire lid can be torn off. On type K4, there must be a perforation all the way across so that the lid can be torn off.
  • The lid is locked using glue or by tabs.
  • A handle of plastic or cardboard – width 25 mm – should be attached at the marked position

Number of boxes in a pallet

Number of boxes K1 K2 K3
H-Pallet with one collar 60 30
H-Pallet with two collars 120 60 30

The boxes must be packed with the handle upwards. Put a cover on the pallet unit and strap it.

A recommended supplier for the K1, K2 and K4 boxes is:

aPak AB,
Box 60,
431 21 Mölndal,
Telephone: +46 31 721 22 20,
Telefax: +46 31 721 22 29

Refer to the agreement with Scania. Their part number for the K2 is 798-711 Emb 100.

For part numbers that are not included in the Packing List, a maximum weight of 6 kg per inner unit is applicable.