Packaging Codes

Scania works with a packaging code system to quickly summarize a packaging instruction. It tells you about the size and composition of the packaging.  Below follows a short selection of packaging codes, more are available in PackIT.

Pallet unit

The first figure/letter denotes the pallet size. The second figure denotes the number of collars in the unit.

00 – 06 S-pallet (1600 x 1200)
10 – 16 E-pallet (1200 x 800)
20 – 24 H-pallet (800 x 600)
40 – 46 L-pallet (2200 x 800)
M0 – M6 M-pallet (2300 x 1000)
T0 – T6 T-pallet (1600 x 800)
X0 – X6 X-pallet (2650 x 1200)
90 Special packing combined with Packing Instruction
95 Sequence parts in Scania standard packing
99 Sequence packing chosen by supplier in consultation with SCANIA
B1 – B5 Scania plastic boxes with or without cover
D1 – D5 H-pallet with inner unit B1, B2 or B3
J1 – J2 H-pallet with inner unit B4, B5
N2 – N4 E-pallet with inner unit B4, B5

Inner units

Certain parts must be packed in some form of inner unit otherwise our materials handling will not function in a rational way.

50 Cardboard box chosen by the supplier in consultation with Scania
60 Bunch, bundle or roll
65 Special packing in combination with packing instruction
81 Plastic bag
K1 Corrugated cardboard box with 1 litres net volume
K2 Corrugated cardboard box with 2 litres net volume
K4 Corrugated cardboard box with 4 litres net volume
P1 Plastic bag with 1 litres net volume
P2 Plastic bag with 2 litres net volume
P4 Plastic bag with 4 litres net volume
B1 B1 Box
B2 B2 Box
B3 B3 Box
B4 B4 Box

When an inner code is meant for manual handling (such as K2) the maximum weight is 6kg. An exception is made for B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 with a maximum weight of 10 kg.