Packaging Demands

Protection against damage

Scania production parts must be packed in Scania packaging materials unless otherwise specified by the Purchasing Department. One purpose of packaging materials is to protect against damage during transport and storage. This can be done in many ways, for example:

  • by putting standard plastic or foam spacers between the layers. 
  • place MH-0145 on the uppermost spacer to prevent the contents from moving.
  • by putting each part in its own plastic bag.
  • by putting corrugated cardboard between every part.
  • by creating special spacers for the specific part.

Try to always use Scania standard packing material.

Protection against wet

Materials that are sensitive to moisture/dampness must be protected using plastic against splashing, rain, openings in pallet bottoms, or opening between collars, etc.

Anticorrosion products

If there is a risk of corrosive attack to the whole or part of the goods, each individual packing and the complete pallet unit must be protected. The use of rust inhibitors requires that the goods and spacers are “dry” and “clean”.

Anticorrosion products used for deliveries of products to Scania must fulfil STD4158 Scania Black list and STD4159 Scania Grey list.

See also demands on Supplier Portal Public Page – Supplier Requirements

Chemical substances which shall not be used – Scania black list STD4158

Chemical substances with limited use – Scania Grey list STD4159

Protection Against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Products that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and classified according to TB1809 Requirements for electronic devices due to transport, handling and storage must be protected.

The products used for protection must be approved according with IEC 61340-5-1 and in accordance with test method SP-Method 2472, appendix 1 and classified B.

For more information:

Plant Specific Rules

For Meppel and Oskarshamn: All materials need to be free of silicone.

For Meppel: All new materials need to be tested before they are used within Scania Meppel. This has to be done by the Paintshop laboratory from Scania Meppel in consolidation with the Packaging Engineer.