Scania Purchasing at a glance

Importance of Suppliers

Scania sees the suppliers as an important and integrated part of the manufacturing operation and hence do we put the same (high) demand on our suppliers as we do on our own production units. In addition, doing business with Scania do also imply that you are sharing the same basic philosophies. 

Purchasing acts on a global arena
  • Logistics is not a problem
  • Quality depends on the supplier – not on country of origin
  • Productivity differences between different regions are small
Mindset for quality
  • 100 percent quality assurance
  • Prevention as a quality system
  • Zero defect as a quality standard
  • Cost of non-conformance a quality measurement
Material Deliveries
  • Customer-order or consumption-driven materials control
  • One vehicle built every 2nd minute
  • Correct deliveries – 99% on right time is not good enough
Building the supplier base
  • Focus on small and mid-size suppliers
  • Right balance between dependency and attention
  • Dual sourcing for all parts and components
  • Optimal number of suppliers per segment/commodity
  • Long term relations based on mutual trust and fairness
Basics for doing business with Scania 
  • 100% commitment
  • Participation in Scania’s improvement process
  • Actively propose suggestions that lead to lower total cost
  • Active participation in the product development process
  • Focus on continuous improvements, waste reduction and cutting costs
Scania Purchasing Organisation

Scania Purchasing organisation is responsible for the global purchasing activities within the Scania Group, which spans from automotive purchase to non-automotive parts and services. The purchasing organization consists of 700 people world-wide, with main locations in Södertälje and Sao Paolo.