IMDS (International Material Data System) is the automotive industries material data system.

There are many legal requirements throughout the world that require automotive manufacturers (OEM) to report on the content of the vehicle. Additionally, there are recyclability and reuse requirements in some parts of the world. Instead of each automotive manufacturer developing their own system and requirements, a group of them decided in the late ˜90s to develop a common system to be used throughout the automotive supply chain – IMDS.

IMDS is used to report all components, materials and chemical substances in automotive parts along the supply chain to the OEM. The system enables the  supply chain and OEMs to meet their obligations due to national and international standards, laws and regulations in the field of substance restrictions and product recycling.

Scania suppliers are obliged to report Material Data Sheets (MDS) of supplied automotive parts via IMDS to Scania.

Please create a Company Account at IMDS and establish processes to develop and report MDS on your supplied Scania parts according to STD4352 -Scania IMDS Reporting standard. Start to collect material data sheets information from your supply chain.

It is also highly recommended that you get training from a qualified source. See IMDS homepage for recommended training courses.

Before you start to create the MDS, please check these Scania specific documents which are helping you to create a correct document:

  • Scania Recipient Data IMDS Guide
  • FAQ document for Scania recipient data
  • CVS55 (Prohibited and restricted substances in Scania and MAN Products)
  • For new suppliers to IMDS visit New to IMDS and get information how to start to report.

In the IMDS homepage a list of current IMDS recommendations for creating Material Data Sheets can be found.

If you have MDS related questions, please contact us on