Goods Labels

General information

In order to be able to handle parts delivered to SCANIA in the best possible way, goods shall have the correct goods labels. Only goods labels that are approved by Scania may be used for deliveries to Scania.

Labels that are used by suppliers for internal handling shall be removed before the goods are delivered to Scania.

The position of the labels and the affixing method shall be according to STD4172-4.

There are different types of goods labels:

  • Global Transport Label.
  • VDA4902 Label for KLT boxes
  • Manual goods label
  • Label for Documentation parts
  • Label for Prototypes
  • Label for Sample products
  • Label for PPAP sample products, Trucks
  • Label for PPAP sample products, Buses & Coaches, Södertälje, Sweden or Slupsk, Poland
  • Label for Non-conforming products (EFR)
  • Label for STA.  
  • Label for AAR parts.
  • Label for Parts for Matching.

All labels except for SV 1263, SV 1463 and SV 1522 are available for printing on the page describing each label.

SV 1263, SV 1463 and SV 1522 are available for order at
Strömberg Distribution i Huddinge AB
Jonvägen 2
SE-141 49 Huddinge
Telephone: +46 (0)8 449 88 00