What is export control classification?

It´s a classification of a product (hardware, software, technology) that states if the product due to its properties and content are export controlled. This is due to that certain products might enable for example crimes against humanity.

Why do we need to provide information about the classification?

Scania is responsible for its own classification but information of classification given by the supplier are valuable information to determine the final classification of our products.

What can an export control classification look like?

DUAL USE ITEM EU ECC: 1E002.a.2 (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as second digit) US ECCN: 3A002.a.6.b (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as second digit)

MILITARY ITEM EU: ML6.b.1 US: CATEGORY IV*(a)(6) We are not requesting customs information, see example below: CN code: 2612101000 Taric for note for DU: DU017

Where do I check if my products are export controlled?

Read more here: link to the page

Where can I get help if I have not worked with export control?

Please advise an officer assigned to export control in your company or contact the national government department dealing with export control if you need assistance.

How do I sign the excel form?

First, save the classification form “save as” on your computer before opening it and adding the information. Then the signature should work. If it does not work, print the first page in the form, sign it by hand, scan it and send the signed form in a pdf-file together with the original form in the same email.

Note, if you have signed the file once then you can´t do any changes within the columns, to do that you need to use an unsigned version and then sign again

What can I do if something is wrong with the received form?

Please add a comment using the chat function in Scania Supplier 360 or send an email to export.control_purchasing@scania.com and explain the issue. Scania’s export control team will support you as soon as possible.

What can I do if I’m missing information about the subparts or products?

If you are a distributor of parts, please ask the Tier 2 supplier for information about the products to be able to fill in the classification. For the excel forms, be aware that even though your tier 2 has provided you with information about their parts, Scania still needs you to sign the document since you are delivering the products to us.

I have received a request before, why do we get more?

Scania is working constantly with the classification of the products and therefore you can receive several requests.