Supplier Self-Assesment Questionnaire

We use the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) on Sustainability, developed by the members of DRIVE Sustainability, as a tool to evaluate the risk of suppliers not meeting our sustainability requirements. The Self-Assessment Questionnaire covers the following topics: Human rights, working conditions, occupational safety (health and safety), environment, and corporate ethics.​

After answering the questionnaire and sending it for validation, you will receive a score between 0 -100 %. This SAQ score together with the country risk and audit will be the foundation for the S-Rating. The result of the SAQ is indicating for us your current level of fulfilling our sustainability requirements. Keep in mind that the SAQ is location-based and that an SAQ is only visible and valid for Scania if you have shared the SAQ with us on using the invitation code shared in the invitation letter. In addition, the NQC platform only accepts answers in six different languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese (Mandarin).​

The SAQ is filled out online at the NQC supplier assurance platform ( – a 3rd party secure platform provider. You could also access a pdf version of the same for your reference only from the DRIVE Sustainability website.​

Version 5.0 is the last update of the Supplier self-assessment questionnaire, and we encourage all of our suppliers to update their SAQ to the latest version to be able to be nominated. We do not accept PDF versions of the SAQs sent to us directly.

SAQ-5.0 14 Mar, 2023