CAD Requirements

When supplying CAD data to Scania, the general CAD standard STD4295 must be followed.

STD4295* – CATIA V5 CAD/PDM Rules

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Cable Harnesses

Scania will from March 27, 2023 have Part Numbers for single wires in the Bundle drawing and the DSI file.


To get a more complete bill of material (BOM) for the cable harnesses we will start defining single wires with Scania Part Number. Bundle drawings and DSI files created from 2023-03-27 will have Part Numbers for single wires in the Bundle drawing and DSI file. This will is also be the case for updated Bundle drawings.


Today single wires is described on the Bundle drawing and DSI file by colour and wire cross section area. Example OG 0.75 or RD 1. With the new description single wires will get Scania Part Numbers on the Bundle drawing and in the DSI file. Example 2902667 or 2439878. Since there are a number of different Scania standards for wires, the new way of describing wires will be more detailed. For example, instead of OG 0.75 it will be like 1802076.

New look of the Bundle drawing

In the Wire Specification table on the Bundle drawing there will be a new column named Part No. Here you can find the Part Number for single wires. The column will only be visible if there are single wires in the design. Single wires include twisted wires, marked with TW_xx. For Multicore cables (MCC), Single core cables (SCC) and Coax cables, there will be no change.

Part Number for single wires

Part Numbers for single wires 17 Apr, 2023