Ordering Scania Packaging Material

The required quantities of packing materials should be called-off by you not later than two weeks before the day they are needed. (Ordering any day in week 1 will be delivered any day in week 3). Late ordering can mean that:

• You may not be able to get your packing in time needed

• We send the packing materials by “receiver pays” freight

• Repetitive late orders are noted and reported to the buyer in question.

Other packing materials and consumables needed for the packing materials, e.g. labels for green and blue boxes, plastic straps, corrugated cardboard, plastic bags, rust inhibitor paper, etc., must be procured and paid for by the supplier.

Broken/damaged material or transport deviations

If you receive a delivery of empty packing materials which includes broken or damaged material, please use the template below (Deviation Report Packaging) and send it to Scania Packaging Planning.

If deviations occurs during loading/unloading of empty packing material related to the carrier e.g. wrong equipment and/or wrong loading use the below template (Deviation Report Transports) and send it to Scania Packaging Planning.

It is important that we receive this information so that measures can be taken to eliminate possible deficiencies. 

Shortages of material

Contact Scania Packaging Planning and explain the situation and the consequences.
Scania Packaging Planning will help you to solve the situation.

Return of material

If you have any Scania packing materials that you no longer have use for, you can use Embasy to create a return order. Go in under Order and choose “Create Return Order”. If you have problems you can always contact Scania Packaging Planning.

Main contact

The main contact for a supplier ordering Scania packaging material is Scania Packaging Planning.

In the event of any problems you have the contact information below:

E-mail address: packaging.planning@scania.com

Phone: +46 8 553 714 44

Deviation Report

Template Deviation Report packaging 7 Jan, 2020