Supplier Sourced Packaging

One-way packing materials e.g. plastic straps, corrugated cardboard, plastic bags, rust inhibitor paper, etc., shall be sourced and paid by the Organisation (STD4172-4 – Packaging).

All one-way packaging materials shall be according to STD4604 – One-way packaging.

The standards (STD) can be reached via Applications -> Scania Standards in the top bar.

Recommended suppliers

Type of packagingSupplierContact detailsOther information
K1, K2 and K4 boxesaPak ABBox 60, 431 21 Mölndal, Sweden, telephone: +46 31 721 22 20Refer to the agreement with Scania when ordering. aPak’s part number for the K2 is 798-711 Emb 100.