Export Control Process

One part of export control is to determine if the items that Scania export are subject to obligations under the export control regulations. Scania requires the classification and the specified information, in order to comply with international export control regulation. Scania is responsible for having export control classification for all items. We can classify the majority of items by ourselves, but information of classification given by the supplier is valuable information for us. This is to make sure that we classify the item correct. If needed, the export control team will send out a request to the supplier to complete an export control classification form. Scania will constantly work to make sure that we are compliant when sourcing new items and during the item lifecycle. This means that suppliers can receive an Export control request from us more than once.

You as a supplier have the responsibility to get information about export control from the national government department dealing with Export control or another internal or external source. If you do not know if your products are a subject for export control, we encourage you to read more about export control here (link to “Classification”).