General Requirements

Suppliers are chosen according to requirements where the prerequisites for becoming a Scania supplier are carefully evaluated and we put the same high demands on our suppliers as we do on our own production units.

Each supplier is evaluated by all concerned cross-functions within Scania, which will rate the supplier according to their specific demands. In the end, a supplier will recieve ratings within the following areas:

All ratings will influence the sourcing decision and are seen as equally important. In the event of any bad rating, the supplier will be blocked from further business with Scania.

Continuous improvements

At Scania we are proud to work with continuous improvements and hence do we also support our suppliers in getting better. So for the suppliers that do not meet all our demands, we aim to put up action plans in order for our suppliers to reach a qualified level.


  • Signed general supply contract / frame agreement with Scania
  • Healthy financial status
  • Comply with United Nations Global Compact and Scania Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Depending on the supplier category, supplier location, type of part produced and production process, additional demands could be applied
  • Suppliers to Scania shall fulfil Scania’s Customer Specific Requirements:
    • Automotive products: Scania Standard 3868
    • Non-automotive products & service: Scania Standard 4230
Scania Standards

Scania standards are a part of the product specification and the latest issue shall always be fulfilled. The supplier shall have a description of the Scania Standard system in order to have the latest issue of the relevant Scania standard (s). 

Volkswagen – ONE Portal

All suppliers interested in recieving RFQ’s from Scania need to be registered at the Volkswagen Supplier Platform – ONE KB Portal.

For more information about the process of becoming a supplier, see Become a Supplier.



  • ISO 14001 certified, or registration to EMAS 2

Delivery of parts

  • Delivered materials and parts must not contain prohibited or restricted substances as required in CVS55
  • Suppliers are responsible to monitor changes of substances lists and legislations referred in CVS55
  • If a supplied part contains or is a chemical product at delivery then the chemical must not contain prohibited or restricted substances as required in STD4158, STD4159  and accompanied STD4160.
  • Scania shall receive a Safety Data sheet for all chemical products
  • Scania shall receive a Safety Data sheet for all chemical products used in, or in connection to, any article when there is a risk that Scania staff can be exposed to these chemical products. Examples of products are rust protection, paint, test fluids or lubricants
  • Where to send the SDS link, please see document “Where to send SDS?” below.
  • Part material composition (Material Data Sheet) of delivered parts shall be sent according to STD4352 by the supplier after received Scania order and prior to PPAP submission
  • Material composition of polymeric parts shall be marked according to STD3871
  • Supplier in the EU shall comply with Reach legislation (1907/2006/EC). Scania will not act as an importer of chemical products in the EU

Related documents (only available for logged in users)

  • STD4158 – Prohibited substances – Chemical substances which must not be used in chemical products within Scania
  • STD4159 – Restricted substances – Chemical substances with limited use in chemical products within Scania
  • STD4160 – List of Prohibited and Restricted substances in chemical products 
  • STD4230 – Environmental and Quality Assurance Demands
  • CVS55 – Prohibited and restricted substances in Scania’s products
  • Where to send SDS?

Addtional requirements

Automotive Products

Additional requirements

Non-automotive products & services