At Scania EDI, we are operating with EDI Cloud Solutions in a strategic partnership with Seeburger. By utilizing cloud-based EDI, we ensure the efficiency and resilience of our EDI ecosystem, enabling exceptional service to our Scania suppliers

Scania Global EDI – Page Updated 18th of June 2024

What EDI solutions Scania offers

As a supplying organization to Scania, it is mandatory to use EDI. Scania utilizes EDIFACT messages and Odette Transport Label (OTL) for electronic communication with suppliers. The primary policy for communication between Scania and its suppliers is point-to-point classic EDI. In rare cases, Scania offers webEDI through the Seeburger Portal. WebEDI is a manual process and is only to be used as an exception for organizations supplying a small number of parts with low volume.

EDI Support for Scania Suppliers is handled by Seeburger Trading Partner Support via email

Scania EDI Onboarding Process
Classic EDI at Scania – Seeburger Cloud
  • Classic EDI is fully automated, and primary used for all Scania suppliers. For information about classic EDI onboarding, implementation guidelines, OFTP data sheet, technical specifications (Legacy – EDIFACT D096A, Industry Standards EDIFACT D07A), ​and contact details – please visit below page:
WebEDI at Scania – Seeburger Supplier Portal
  • WebEDI is provided by Seeburger and is only to be used as an exception. For information about webEDI onboarding, step-by-step guidelines, instruction videos, frequently asked questions, and contact details – please visit below page:
Scania logistics manuals for EDI and transport labels
  • Scania EDI’s standard (STD4172-1) specifies Scania’s EDI requirements. Scania’s goods label standard (STD4172-10) specifies transport label requirements. Suppliers shall comply with the requirements specified in the Scania Logistic Manual. To access Scania EDI’s standard STD4172-1 for EDI logistics requirements, and STD4172-10 for goods label requirements – please visit the Scania Logistics Manuals Page.
  • Different labels must be applied depending on the type of material and packaging. For detailed information about the different labels, including instruction video and guidelines – please visit the Scania Transport Label Page.