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Classic EDI at Scania – Seeburger Cloud

The primary policy for communication between Scania and its suppliers is point-to-point – Classic EDI. Scania is adopting the Odette – EDIFACT versions of the EDI specifications.

Scania should at all times be informed regarding any changes made in the Supplier’s IT systems, that could affect Scania. A change in the system could lead to a re-implementation of the supplier with testing of all EDI message

Onboarding Process to Classic EDI

OFTP Data Sheet for Scania at Seeburger Cloud

Scania’s EDI flow for production parts is managed on Seeburger Cloud. To connect with Scania’s environments, please use the parameters found in below link:

Technical Specifications for Scania’s EDI flows

Legacy Flow

  • Scania DELFOR D96A
  • Scania DESADV D96A
  • Scania INVOIC D03A

Global Flow (Industry Standards)

  • Scania DELFOR D04A
  • Scania DESADV D07A
  • Scania INVOIC D07A

Sequence Flow

  • Scania DELFOR D96A
  • Scania DELJIT D04A
  • Scania DESADV D08A
  • Scania INVOIC D03A

Scania Logistics Manual for EDI and transport labels

Scania EDI’s standard (STD4172-1) specifies Scania’s EDI requirements. Scania’s goods label standard (STD4172-10) specifies transport label requirements. Both standards are available in the Scania Standards Application Page (Login to Scania Supplier Portal required).

Contact details for supplier EDI support

If you are an existing supplier using classic EDI and need support, please contact