Label for prototypes

When an order from SCANIA includes the delivery of prototypes, a goods label denoting prototype must be attached to the delivery unit.

The are different labels for different Scania PRUs

Receiving Scania PRU  Goods label 
Oskarshamn 669R  SV 275-22  
Oskarshamn 654X  SV 675-22  
Södertälje 317X SV 675-23
Södertälje DX Transmission  SV 675-28  
Slupsk, Poland  SV 675-26  
Meppel  SV3040  

It should be attached to the unit in the way described in the Prototype packaging manual

Goods labels must not be positioned over a strap!

The Goods Labels below are accessible for printing

Goods labels accessible for printing

SV 675-26  4 Mar, 2021
SV 675-28 11 Sep, 2020
SV 675-23 21 Apr, 2022
SV-675-22 21 Apr, 2022
SV3040 PMS Edit 28 Sep, 2021
SV 275-22 11 Sep, 2020
Supplier_to_supplier_Edit 9 Jun, 2020