SCANIA EDI Cloud Migration with Seeburger Cloud

We at Scania EDI are happy to announce that we are implementing new EDI Cloud Solutions at our new EDI partner, Seeburger. This step is part of the ongoing Future EDI At Scania Transition initiative, a strategic project designed to enhance our EDI capabilities.

This will impact you as a supplier to Scania using either classic EDI or webEDI, and actions will be required from you. Please be aware when you receive emails from Scania and Seeburger regarding the cloud migration project.

What are the benefits for migrating to cloud?

The migration aims to enhance the efficiency and resilience of our EDI ecosystem by leveraging cloud capabilities provided by Seeburger. This transition is expected to improve flexibility, elasticity, and uptime security, reducing the risk of potential downtime and strengthening operational continuity.

Implications for Scania suppliers using classic EDI or webEDI: