EDI Gateway Documents

Scania use OFTP2 as communication way.

Scania uses an electronic survey to retrieve connection parameters and provide Scania’s Connection Parameters. The survey is sent out when the Purchaser gives the approval to Scania’s EDI Team.

You find useful information such as consignee codes and UNB addresses for all Scania plants in the documents.

EDI Communication Policy

Scania’s basic policy concerning EDI communication is to use point-to-point communication between Scania and each supplier, according to the Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over Public Internet or networks for point-to-point communication.


There are two alternatives for ENGDAT data exchange:

– Classic ENGDAT (communication via the Odette ENGDAT protocol)

– WebENGDAT (communication via Scania’s web portal for data exchange)

In case of Classic ENGDAT data exchange, connection details and Scania message implementation can be found in the ENGDAT zip file.  Scania support ENGDAT V1 and V2 (not V3). Purchasing department has to give approval before implementation of both Classic ENGDAT and WebENGDAT.

To order Classic ENGDAT or WebENGDAT please visit CAD/PDM Product Data Exchange.