Update regards to the 11th package of sanction against Russia

Dear Suppliers,

In regards to the European Union´s 11th package of sanctions towards Russia, the EU has tightened the restrictions on imports of iron and steel goods by requiring importers of iron and steel goods, that have been processed in a third country, to prove that the material does not come from Russia.

Starting from September 30th, 2023  if you are an importer of iron and steel into the EU, you will be required to provide proof that the listed goods were not manufactured using Russian primary materials.

The country of origin of the primary goods of iron and steel must be proven, at any time, to any control authorities (including the respective country´s Customs) according to the attached FAQ on the implementation of Council Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 and Council Regulation (EU) No. 269/2014, which the EU Commission updated on July 18th, 2023.

The latest version of the FAQ can be found at the following link:  Frequently asked questions – Sanctions against Russia (europa.eu).

We are hoping for your co-operation going forward when this will be followed up by Scania Purchasing. 

Kind regards,

Scania Purchasing and Logistics, 2023-08-25

Decarbonisation requirements mandatory after September 4th 2023

Dear Suppliers,

Last year we informed you on the development of our 2030 supply chain decarbonisation strategy and its requirements per hotspot material of batteries, steel, aluminium and cast iron. Also, we sent out a decarbonisation questionnaire to map your current status on fulfilling these requirements and to know your current and future roadmaps in the decarbonisation journey.

We really appreciate your collaborative efforts in answering the decarbonisation questionnaire.

With this, we would now like to continue ahead in the strategy and make these requirements mandatory as part of sourcings. This means that all automotive purchasing sourcings starting after 4th September 2023 would need to have the requirements in place if the sourcing contains parts/components containing any of the hotspot materials/component: Flat Steel, Long Steel, Batteries, Cast Aluminium or Wrought Aluminium.

The requirement details are now published as “requirement specification” documents at the Scania Supplier portal. We would like you to accept these as part of the sourcing based on the material present in the parts/components you are supplying to us. Also, for every sourcing, we would like you to confirm your compliance with our requirements by filling/updating the decarbonisation questionnaire.

The link to the online questionnaire and the detailed requirement specifications will be present as part of the RFQ package sent out to you through a decarbonisation letter.

We look forward to continuing the decarbonisation work with you.

Link to the Decarbonisation page on the Scania Supplier Portal (SSP)

The European Commission just adopted the 11th package of sanctions against Russia

Dear Suppliers,

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine still ongoing and all the great suffering that it entails, we further want to emphasize the importance of knowing your supply chains in this new geopolitical landscape that we find ourselves in.

The European Commission just adopted the 11th package of sanctions against Russia, focusing on the risk of circumvention of the existing sanctions, targeting e.g. neighbouring countries, countries supporting Russia, and third country/party transactions. Also, all items listed in the sanctions package are banned for transit via Russian territory.

If the EU Commission identifies intentional circumvention activities, the parties enabling that type of activity will be sanctioned by the EU and thereby banned from the European market and trading of European products.

We kindly ask you as Scania Supplier to comply with all the applicable export control legislations and/or sanctions/embargoes regulations and without any delay inform Scania of any changes that may have any impact on the export, re-export, or use of goods and/or end products in which the goods are included.

We are hoping for your co-operation and expect you to contact us if you see any risks in your ability to deliver as per our demands.

Please keep a close dialog with your main contact at purchasing and/or Export.control_Purchasing@scania.com .

Kind regards,

Scania Purchasing and Logistics, 2023-07-10

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