Daily Supplier Information


Dear Suppliers,

The unpredictable and unnormal situation in industrial production and supply chain induced by the Corona crisis has lead to challenges for all of us.
We would like to thank You all for taking Your responsibility and keeping up an excellent co-operation during these hard times!

We are, apart from our owners and employees, very much concerned with the challenges of our valued business partners and the societies of which we are part. We strive to be an excellent business partner and responsible corporate citizen.

Please bear in mind that the transport system, which we are all part of, is vital to keep our societies running. Transport of medicines, blue light services and public transport are some of the important operations in which Your and our products play an important part. We must all make sure to do what we can to keep the products, that make these deliveries possible, function at all times. And not to forget the Scania engines providing with stand-by electric power generation.

We ask you to keep on delivering according to updated delivery schedules and call-offs, to help us maintain a leading service and repair organization. This is very important for us to enable our customers to fulfil their critical operations. We are all part of this vital eco-system.

As always, You are encouraged to keep in touch with Scania and keep up the excellent co-operation. Thank You!

Scania Purchasing, 2020-03-24