Industry Standards Transformation

Background Scania Industry Standards

Why is Scania changing?

Scania is taking a big step in its digitalization journey by transitioning to industry standards. Scania is updating its IT landscape and introducing new, global ways of working to enable its strategic growth ambitions. Scania aims to develop a modern supply chain collaboration hub, in close partnership with suppliers, to enable increased speed and flexibility when dealing with supply chain challenges. Greater data visibility and transparency will improve decision making throughout the partnership. These changes will make it easier to meet the demands of the future while continuing to serve the customers of today. We aim to make the organization future-proof – positioning Scania as a world-class partner.

What is in it for suppliers?

New ways of working aim to enable greater agility for Scania and suppliers to adapt to new demands at speed. Greater data visibility enables us to be in control of planning and our way of working, – better managing fluctuations in demands and decreasing business risks. We strive to deliver value to our customers & partners proactively rather than respond reactively to issues. Scania is introducing a scalable global way of working, based on OEM & industry best practices, to reduce complexity and enable the introduction of a user-friendly and future-proof system landscape. Optimizing the supplier experience is achieved by improving our supply chain collaboration and moving towards strategic long-term partnerships. Scania is looking for closer integration and collaboration with key suppliers, ensuring efficient ways of doing business together.

What are we implementing?

  • Global industry standards
  • New ERP system for administrative and transactional processes (internally)
  • Upgrades to the EDI landscape
  • Upgrades to label and packaging formats