General conditions

Scania require all guarantees to be issued by banks only with a minimum rating as per below. The rating has to be no older than 12 months.

Credit Rating AgencyMinimum required rating
Standard & PoorA (Scale AAA – D)
Moody’sA (Scale AAA – C)

Unfortunately guarantees issued by insurance companies or other type of financial institutions cannot be accepted.

The guarantee should be advised electronically via swift to one of Scania’s banks listed in the guarantee template.


  1. Please only use the international guarantee template (updated with Scania particulars) found attached to the right: Update the green marked fields with the following information:
    1. Scania contact person
    1. Order/contract number and scope
    1. Currency and amount
    1. Expiry date
  2. Please make sure to send the template and the information above to your bank.
  3. You shall ask the bank to send you a draft of the guarantee prior to issuance so the wording and content can be approved by Scania. This will save both cost and time for all involved parties.
  4. Any deviations from the wording must be approved by Scania and can delay the process.
  5. All fees and commissions for the guarantees are covered by you as per the signed order.
  6. Please notice that the invoices connected with this bank guarantee must be marked “Advanced Payment”.