FAQ On-Site Check

Do I have to pay for the On-Site Check?

Scania covers the cost of the On-Site Check.

What is a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)?

After an On-Site Check, any non-conformity will be documented in a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). This is discussed between the auditor and the auditee and, eventually, signed.

VOC standard:

With your signature, you confirm it for your acknowledgment and give your consent for this report to be sent to us. Subsequently, it is possible to determine your S-Rating result, consisting of SAQ and audit results.

RSCI standard:

After successful completion, you can share your results with us on the RSCI platform. The prerequisite for this is a trading relationship between your company and Volkswagen Group stored on the platform. By sharing the result, the overall score of your S rating can be determined.

How does the result of the On-Site Check affect my S-rating?

The On-Site Check is about inspecting the practical implementation of the information you have provided in the SAQ. It is intended to help you identify gaps that negatively impact the S-Rating and to show you actions that you can take to remedy these gaps. The On-Site Check is a supplement to the SAQ but does not release you from your obligation to continuously improve the SAQ.

How do I receive the audit report?

VOC standard: The report will be sent to you by the executing audit company after the VOC. With your signature, you confirm your acknowledgment and give your consent for this report to be sent to us.

RSCI standard: Since you have commissioned the audit independently, you will receive the data directly from the audit service provider.

What can I do if I do not agree with the result of the On-Site Check?

Please state your position clearly and immediately in the final discussion with the auditor. If any discrepancies between the signed CAP and the final report occur, please contact the auditing company and the contact Scania.

How long is the On-Site Check valid?

In general, the On-Site Check is valid for five years.

Which service provider has been commissioned to perform On-Site Checks for VOC-Standard on behalf of Scania?

The Volkswagen Group collaborates with the following service providers: Intertek Certifikation GmbH and Elevate Ltd.

Which companies are commissioned to carry out the audit standard: RSCI?

The RSCI audit standard is currently offered by 8 audit service providers. Up-to-date information can be found on the RSCI website. The company commissioning the on-site inspection according to RSCI decides which audit service provider is used.

Do suppliers have to pay for the OSC?

Depending on which audit standard is to be applied, either Scania bears the costs of the on-site inspection or the supplier.

Audit-Standard: RSCI

The RSCI audit is initiated and commissioned independently by the supplier. The costs of hiring a certified company to carry out the RSCI audit are to be borne by the supplier.

Audit-Standard: VOC (Vor-Ort-Check)

The VOC is a Volkswagen-specific standard. The order is carried out by Volkswagen AG. The costs will be borne by Volkswagen AG.

Is the validity of the OSC restricted to a specific timeframe?

VOC standard: The result of a VOC is valid for 5 years.

RSCI standard: The result of a RSCI audit is valid for 3 years.