FAQ S-Rating

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements can be read here.

What are the requirements to get a positive S-rating?

To find the requirements for your specific location, see How to get a positive S-Rating?

What happens if my S-rating score is too low?

An incomplete SAQ and inadequate on-site check/Sustainability audit will lead to an insufficient rating. That means that an insufficient rating prevents a new nomination in any of the Volkswagen Group brands. Suppliers are highly encouraged to implement measures to improve their sustainability performance and S-Rating.

How can I improve the S-Rating?

To improve the S-rating you need to meet all of our minimum requirements. To improve the score further, you can read the Drive sustainability document and see the points of each question.

For how long is the S-Rating valid?

The S-Rating has a maximum validity of up to six years.

Do additional sustainability activities improve my S-Rating?

Sustainability activities that go beyond our sustainability requirements towards business partners are not considered in the S-Rating. However, we encourage and highly appreciate any additional sustainability activities pursued by our suppliers. Also keep in mind that other Sustainability requirements or activities could still be considered in the nomination process, but outside the scope of the S-Rating.

Who can I contact in case of questions regarding the S-rating process?

If you have not found your answers in the FAQ. Suppliers are welcome to contact; Volkswagen Group via s-rating@vwgroupsupply.com or Scania CV AB via supplier.sustainability@scania.com
You can also contact the purchaser at Scania who can guide you through the process and provide information related to the S-rating such as score, gaps and which basic documents are needed.