Implementation Guidelines
EDI Messages

Here you find the format message specifications that Scania use:

  • Global DESADV Syncro D07A
  • DELJIT Syncro D96A
  • Global INVOIC D03A

System Changes

Scania should at all times be informed regarding any changes made in the Organisations IT systems that could affect Scania. A change in the system could lead to a re-implementation of the supplier with testing of all EDI messages.

EDI Message Implementation Guidelines and Support Documents

SCANIA_DELFOR_D96A 27 Oct, 2021
SCANIA_DESADV_D96A 15 Jun, 2022
SCANIA_DESADV_Syncro_D07A 15 Jun, 2022
SCANIA_INVOIC_D03A 21 Dec, 2022
DELJIT_Syncro_D96A 27 Oct, 2021
Addendum to Global Invoice v2.1 21 Dec, 2022
General List of EDI Used Codes v1.0 21 Dec, 2022
Glossary EDI v1.0 21 Dec, 2022