Logistics Manual

This Scania standard STD4172-1 states Scania’s EDI logistics requirements and is valid globally. As with all Scania Standards you can find them at the Scania Standards Application on Scania Supplier Portal.


EDI is mandatory for all organizations that supply automotive parts to Scania.

Scania’s first choice is always to set up a fully automated solution, but if that is not possible, Scania can also offer a Web EDI solution.

Classic EDI – Fully automated EDI

Scania’s basic policy concerning EDI communication is to use point-to-point communication between Scania and each supplying Organisation. Having fully automated EDI will give both parties substantial benefits when communicating.

Web based EDI

In general, Web-EDI is only to be used as an exception and if the organisation is supplying a small number of parts with low volume, since it´s a more manually process than the Classic EDI. Scania has chosen Viaduct AB (EDIONET) as a partner for the Web EDI solution.


Sequence suppliers must have point-to-point communication, WebEDI is not an option for this flow.