SLA_419 – Delivery_schedule_updating

Scania Latin America has published new communication valid only for Latin America Suppliers.

Please click in the following link in order to see more details about forecast volume and last delivery schedule updating. Notice the communication follows in Brazilian Portuguese.

SLA_404 – Atualização da Programação de Entrega de Materiais

Prezados fornecedores, veja comunicação Scania com relação a programação de entrega de materiais.–-Atualizacao_da_programacao_de_entrega.pdf

Updates of Scania EDI messages and Transport Labels

This message regards updates of two of Scania’s current EDI messages. DESADV D96A and DELFOR D96A.

Updates has also been made for the ODETTE Transport Label and the VDA4902 label.


  • The biggest change is that the amount of characters for the Document Number, BGM 1004, has been increased to allow up to 17 characters.
  • All KANBAN information has been removed.
  • There are more changes in the changelog.


  • The two separate DELFOR messages has been merged into one.
  • The change in the BGM for DESADV has led to a consequent increase in the DELFOR RFF+AAK 1154 (Segment Group 12) to up to 17 characters.
  • There are more changes in the changelog.

OTL and VDA4902

  • Field lengths have been removed and are now referencing corresponding fields of the DELFOR, DELJIT or DESADV
  • For all changes, please see the change log in the specification.

OTL For batch