Supplier Information 2022-05-19

Please take part of the information on

IMPORTANT: New login process for Scania Standards application

The login process to access Scania Standards has been updated.
Please start the Scania Standards application in SSP as usual. From here you will be instructed of how to proceed according to the new login procedure.

Latest update: If you have followed the instructions on TIL page (accessing Scania Standards) to login with user Id (e.g. and portal password, and it still not working. This must be reported as an incident to Scania Customer Support phone +46 8 553 81795 or email

Scania CPO message on supply chain decarbonisation

Please see attached letter from CPO John van Rossum.

Scania Supplier Letter on Supply Chain Decarbonisation
See attached Supplier Information about SCiP and other IMDS related informations.
Packaging, MH-1873 unit size change

From Monday, May 16th, the units with MH-1873 will change from 45 collars to 20 collars for safety reasons. Please take this into consideration when placing your orders.

Packaging, MH-4147 unit size change

From Monday May 9th, the units with MH-4147 will change from 20 boxes to 32 boxes. Please take this into considerations when placing your orders.