Supplier Information 2022-07-15

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IMPORTANT: New login process for Scania Standards application

The login process to access Scania Standards has been updated.
Please start the Scania Standards application in SSP as usual. From here you will be instructed of how to proceed according to the new login procedure.

Latest update: If you have followed the instructions on TIL page (accessing Scania Standards) to login with user Id (e.g. and portal password, and it still not working. This must be reported as an incident to Scania Customer Support phone +46 8 553 81795 or email

Limited support at Supplier Portal Helpdesk

There will be limited support (longer response time) from Supplier Portal Helpdesk during week 29-32.

Scania expands its industrial presence building a new plant in China

Scania will build its 3rd industrial hub in China. The plant will serve the local market and other countries in the region with the premium Scania truck offering a wide range of specs and shorter lead time to customers. Please find letter attached.

Scania Production China